Dear brothers and sisters,

I wanted to send you a brief report on the opportunity we have been given to minister to the children. While the children are on their summer break from the schools, we decided to have a CBC (Children Bible School) for them. Praise the Lord that more than twenty children attended these meetings.

We decided that the theme of this event would be, “Amazing Love.” The key verse was John 15:13, “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” We taught the children from both the Old Testament and New Testament, focusing on the Person of God and the work of Christ. They were given worksheets to fill out on the lessons learned.

S____________, who is well known for his faithfulness in preaching the gospel in India, the Himalayas, and Tibet, was also able to help. He is a man who once hated Christianity, even to the point of ripping up and burning Bibles, but now lives with the purpose to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. His testimony of transformation was challenging and encouraging.

Many new songs were taught to the children, and according to each lesson we gave them Bible verses to memorize. At the end of our study, the children did not want to stop, but wanted to continue several more days. This has encouraged and motivated us to make more of an effort among the children.

We trust God for the fruit out of these meetings. We know that His word is powerful, active, and life giving. It will never return void, and will fulfill His purposes.

We ask that you kindly remember these children in your prayers, and our efforts of ministry among them.

Your brother and sister under His grace,

Sunder and Glory