Dear brothers and sisters,

Greeting to you all and thank you for upholding us in your prayers. I would like to share a couple of things about what God had been doing through us. The last week was a great blessing to us. The Lord opened a way for us to preach and teach young men and women in remote place about 400 km away from our city. We got an invitation from a pastor to preach in a youth meeting for three days and three nights. During the day we taught the young men and young women (about 30-40). Every evening, the church and many non-believers gathered. These meeting had around 150 people attend. Many of them were illiterate, so it was challenging to communicate to them so of the truths, but the Lord helped. Two other men from my our church joined me to help. I preached on the topic: THE UNIQUENESS OF THE BIBLE, IS THE BIBLE MYTH OR DIVINE TRUTH?

We covered the following

  1. The Formation of the Bible is a Miracle.
  2. The Continuity of the Bible is Supernatural.
  3. The Fulfillment of the Bible is Wonder or Supernatural.
  4. The Message of the Bible is Unique.
  5. The Revelation of the Bible is Trustworthy.
  6. The Influence of the Bible is Universal.
  7. The Theme of the Bible is: God’s Plan of Salvation Through His Son Jesus Christ to Save Humanity.

I have found that many Christians in India have no proper understanding of the trustworthiness of the Bible, or have not been taught about it. The Bible is the source to know God and Christ, which is the whole base for Christianity. If people are not taught the Bible as Divine Truth, they will see Christianity as being more man made, and a traditional religion like all others.

I took it as a challenge after an incident happened in my Church about a year and half ago, when one lady who had been attending our church for many years confessed that she was confused and struggled to know whether the Bible was divine or myth. After studying this truth, her life transformed greatly. She testified about this study to many, which was a great blessing to others. There are many Christians who are struggling about it but they are not as open about it as she was.

After the meetings, many testified that they have never learned these things before. We taught from a projector so they could visually see the instruction we were teaching them. It was very helpful to them. We setup a book table to display books from Paul Washer and other reformed books in Telugu. These books cover the topic of True Conversion.

We also conducted an exam at the end of the study to the young people. They did well. The Pastor was very encouraged, and requested that we come again and help.

The Lord seemed to convict many people through the Word of God in this meeting. In particular, one drunkard man approached me and confessed that the Word of God affected him greatly. He had attended 3 days of the teachings and confessed that he wanted to pursue God and now attend the church fellowship.

Finally, please continue to pray for us. We are thankful for your partnership, and together we are touching many lives through the Gospel of our Master Jesus Christ, which is the power of God unto salvation to every one who believes (Rom 1:16).

Yours in Christ,