The testimony of brother Mallayya.

Mallayya was born into unfavorable circumstances. The same day that he was born, his mother died due to sickness. His father also died in the same year. Thus, his grandparents brought him up. It was not until his teenage years that his parent’s death began to affect his life. He began to express what he felt inside, battled depression, left his studies, and began to wander from place to place. Lost.

He went to the Hindu gurus for help, and then to the psychiatrist for council. Nothing worked out or seemed to help. His family members gave up on him and ceased their efforts to help. At such a time as this, I happen to meet him, and began to share the gospel with him. Almost 9 months later, he responded to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and was converted! God, in His mercy, had changed him; bringing him out of his depression. After the church prayed for him, and upon his personal request he was baptized as a public witness for Christ. Since that day he continues to grow in the Lord, and has a passion to know Christ.

Thanks be to God for His abundant grace in transforming his life. Not only is he the only one in his family who is a believer, but he is the only one in his entire village. This village, which is about 140 Km away, had no Christian witness in it until now. The Light of the gospel of Christ is now being shone into the darkness through this young man. Speaking with the family members that had given up on him, and other young men in the village, he continues to spread the gospel. Some have taken interest. In fact, he recently brought three new people to the church with him. All of which were strong Hindus!

Recently, his grandfather was sick. He went to many of the best doctors, but nothing worked. During this time, Mallayya shared the gospel with him, and praying for his conversion. He also brought his grandfather to us, and we shared the gospel and prayed with him as well. I gave him a pamphlet on conversion and Peter Master’s book on the conscience. One hour later he had completed the reading, and admitted that what he had read was all about him. He is now requesting a Bible with big letters for him to read. I am going to do that.

The change in Mallayya’s life has had an impact on his grandfather. This man who brought Mallayya up from his childhood openly testifies about how God has transformed his life. They once saw a boy whom they considered hopeless, but now see a man that they are pleased with, a man who is now useful because Jesus had changed his life.

I beg of you to please pray for this brother as I disciple him, and pour my time into him.

By His Grace,