Anatol And Students

Anatol Dunas is the pastor/ teacher of Emmanuel Church in Cahul, Moldova. While he oversees the faith family of the church, he also does the work of an evangelist. In his recent report he shares about the summer church camps and a few of the evangelistic encounters he had.

We had two summer camps in July, one camp for athletes (51 participants; 20 of them turned to the Lord) and another camp for young people (110 participants; 15 of them turned to the Lord).

Alex (19) attended Christian camp for the first time. He was invited by his girlfriend who had trusted Christ about a year ago at Emmanuel Church. She knew that she had to do something about their relationship as either she had to leave her boyfriend or bring him to Christ. So, she invited Alex to our youth camp where he had several very deep discussions there. I had one of them with him which led to him trusting in Jesus. He came to church for the first time on the first Sunday after the camp and showed great enthusiasm. He has attended the church ever since.

Paul and David, our oldest sons, came home in time for the youth camp. They got involved in ministry, organizing and leading the volunteers’ team and the entire camp. Florin (17), our third son, was a team leader for one of the groups. Ion (21) was also a good leader for his team.

I had a meeting with the group leaders that were involved in the camp. I advised them to have at least one of the campers as a disciple during the event. This was a challenge for them.

Other Evangelistic Opportunities

I shared the gospel with four ladies in an office using a simple method of gospel bracelet. I asked them, “What is your answer to the gospel message?”

Four men worked in the metal structure of the chapel that we have at the campsite. I bought watermelons for them every day and gave them the gospel as I shared with them about Jesus.

In another evangelistic encounter, I gave a man who was drunk a ride. I rebuked him for getting drunk. I told him that people around him had to endure him, me in the car and his wife at home. He told me he didn’t have a wife anymore and that he was drinking because he was having problems. I told him that alcohol was not the solution, but the Lord Jesus. I encouraged him to repent and believe in the Lord. I also told him that the Lord Jesus could give meaning to his life. He agreed with me and said he would like to come to church.

Nicoleta is married to Maxim. She gave birth to another little girl, but things were really difficult for her. The girl and the mother faced health issues and asked us to visit them to pray for them. I went with Dima and Vova, two brothers from our church. We prayed for them.