Naph Helida

My heart ached as I read Pastor Naphtally’s report from Eldoret, Kenya yesterday.  We realize that each nation is suffering from this pandemic in their own way, and we do not wish to belittle the real suffering that even those in the prosperous West are experiencing.  But I was hit hard as I read what it is like for our friends in Africa as they endure this pandemic.  Truly they are enduring suffering upon suffering.  Pastor Naphtally writes:

“Dear Brethren, 
As is the case everywhere around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused us to change many things in terms of our way of life. Perhaps the hardest thing for us is that we cannot hold our weekly cooperate worship. It is still uncertain when our meetings will resume. 

Naph Helida
Naphtally and Helida Ogallo

Families hold worship in their individual homes. We still do not have what it takes to have a livestream of our services. I have, therefore, come up with a simple solution for now. I audio record my sermons in the study and then share them through WhatsApp. We also upload them onto Soundcloud at This, however, has several challenges including the fact that some of the brethren do not possess smartphones.

We have had to cancel our KReST (Kenyan Reformed School of Theology) May classes due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Nationally, the government is desperately trying it’s best to manage the Covid-19 pandemic. However, ‘social distancing’ is proving a real challenge around the country, with many flouting that guideline. This has landed several people into forced quarantine. While the ‘Stay at Home’ order should have come with its unique blessings, especially that of families bonding, in some homes we have seen reports of negative results. Many couples don’t know how to cope with spending so much time together and so quarrels and fights are common! 

Gbc Eldoret
Grace Baptist Church Eldoret

Numerous people have lost their jobs. Countrywide, people who were already living under economic hardship are having an even more difficult time. Recently, there was a very disturbing story on social media of a widow in Mombasa cooking stones – yes, stones – for her children due to lack of food! The reasoning behind her action was that when her children see the pot on the fire, psychologically they would know that food is getting ready. But then they would wait endlessly till they fall asleep. In that way, one day’s problems are solved! 

While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to frustrate, heavy rains are pounding the country, leading to floods and landslides. This has led to a cholera outbreak claiming several lives in some parts of the country. Furthermore, it is forecast that a more devastating type of locust will soon invade the country from neighboring Somalia, following the first wave that invaded the country at the beginning of 2020. Brethren, please pray for us as we too bring you before the throne of grace.”

Please pray for Kenya, that…

  • the Lord would provide physically for His people.
  • Christ would purify His church during this painful season.
  • the Spirit would guide and empower pastors as they shepherd their flocks through these dark days.
  • the Prosperity Cult, seen as ‘normal Christianity’ in Kenya, would be exposed as a fraud.
  • the Lord would cleanse rampant corruption from government leaders and cause them to govern in justice and compassion.