Jorge Marsano In The Mountains

Acts 15:41 speaks of the Apostle Paul’s ministry having the purpose of “strengthening the churches” in different places. Following his example, I have been sent as a missionary to this region of Peru with the purpose of strengthening the understanding of the gospel in the rural churches that are more isolated from the rest of the country. I carry out this ministry without violating the principle of Romans 15:20 where the Apostle Paul makes clear that he had the ambition “not [to] build on another man’s foundation.”

That is, his intention was not to “take over” a congregation that had been founded by another Apostle or Christian leader, since their own leaders had the responsibility to continue leading. Instead, the Apostle Paul’s work was strengthening their understanding of the gospel since many of those churches still had a weak testimony and minimal understanding of the gospel. In the same way, according to the measure allowed to me by the authority of the local churches, I work with this same intention–strengthening their understanding of the gospel so that they can give a clear gospel testimony, both verbally and practically, to their local communities.

We have begun our study through the gospel in the communities of Machicura and Maria Teresa in the mountains. In these two places there are two churches and with both churches we are doing a study through the workbooks on the gospel donated to us by HeartCry. Both of these rural congregations are very interested in understanding the doctrine of the gospel, the gospel that has brought them so much freedom in Christ.

Please pray for these trips that I make each week, that we would be kept by our heavenly Father. In particular, pray because right now is the rainy season and the road to the towns in the mountains is very rough and is usually covered with heavy fog. Since I am traveling on my motorcycle, I am even more exposed and vulnerable to the conditions. But, I know that the Lord Jesus goes with me.

Also, last week I was able to make contact with a church that is even more isolated in the town of Pusapno. I went there with my son on my motorcycle. The hours of travel on the difficult road were very exhausting but it was satisfying to arrive and locate a brother from the church. I explained to him the importance of growing in the study of the gospel. Since the brothers in that town had heard about my ministry from the other churches, they were willing to trust me and it seems that I will soon have the opportunity to teach there as well.