Dear friends and supporters, First of all, I would like to give you our best greetings and love. May God keep pouring his exceeding love and care on you in abundance. I am also thankful that in May 25th, we held a Bible class and there were 17 believers who attended the class. Please pray for us in this project. This is still an early work and it really needs growth in the near future. Please also pray for me so that I am always motivated and dedicating to help the believes grow spiritually, know more about God’s Words, love Him more and more, and work for him together.

In June we also invited a teacher in our class to teach playing instruments and worship songs in our musical class. I am really, really encouraged by this class. It is such a blessed work. This is extremely meaningful to our church in the moment. Our worship time became more and more encouraging. Thanks to this, our faith is strengthened considerably, and we all feel “The grace of our Lord has poured out on us abundantly, along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.” Hopefully this class will grow more and more in God’s will.

Thanks God that in June I had chance to visit a believer in our church. He got sick and had to go to hospital. I and my wife visited him, encouraged him with God’s Words about His healings on our suffering. We prayed to God for his health. Thanks God that He had accepted our prayers. That believer recovered very well in our joyfulness.

I had chance to testify Gospel to a couple who are Buddhist believers. The first good thing is they listened to us. We told them that God had made heaven and earth, about the fallen of humanity and the saving and forgiveness from God to mankind, so that we would become His children once again. They seemed to be interested and said they would like to think about it. I am praying for them these days. Hopefully God had a special plan on their life.

My church has been doing well. I am thankful for everything God has given to me, as well as His mission to me. Every day I pray to God and try to give my best to him. Please keep praying for us in Vietnam. Hopefully I will continue have great news for you in the next monthly report.


Danh K.