My name is Remalesh T. I live and work in the village called M_.  I’m married and have three children (two sons ages 27 and 20, and a daughter aged 23).

I was born on July 7, 1972 into a Hindu family. I grew up in my grandfather’s house. My grandfather was very impressed by Buddhism. His influence was on me too. However, I was an atheist. Our family was well off, and we had all the resources needed. We felt no shortage. Due to this, we never really needed God. We were the masters in our lives.

After my marriage in the year 2000, my wife got very sick. Her condition was very bad. For this reason, our family was very broken. We did not know what to do. I took her to many witch doctors. After coming back from them, there would be some relief, but it would not last. After some time, the pain would start again. I got tired and frustrated. I then went to one of my friends, who used to work as a shaman and he was able to heal diseases through sorcery. When I met him, he told me that he had left the work of the shaman, so he could not help me. I was very disappointed and tired.

Now there was no hope for my wife getting cured. My friend had said that he stopped all the previous work because he now knows the True God. He told us about Jesus and prayed for my wife. He constantly came to our house and prayed for my wife. In response to prayer, she began to recover slowly. God has cured my wife. Then I repented and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. After that I started going to church regularly. Before this incident, the brother told me about Jesus Christ, but at that time, I was not interested in learning about Him. Gradually, we started going to church. We started understanding God’s Word, and at the same time, my wife began believing in Jesus Christ. At my declaration of faith in Christ, I was excluded from my society, but our family remained in Christ.

In 2002, I came to the church of the brother that lead us to the Lord. I wanted to know more about God’s Word. There I learned the right teaching of God’s Word. I entered into the training program at this church. I got baptized on 11.01.2005. After that, I came to the HeartCry trainings. In those meetings, I learned the Word of God better. Since 2008, I started a church in my own house with the help of God. Every Sunday, about 60 people are present for worship of God. By the grace of God, 84 people have been baptized. Now, I am working as a Pastor in S_ and learning God’s Word in the local Bible Seminary.


The Lord has been gracious in extending our church. People came from very far places to the church. For this reason, many times they used to arrive late and due to the lack of transport, people were unable to come to church continuously. Therefore, we began another work so that the people could be gathered near their place to worship. Brother S. K. was appointed to serve Lord at that place. Now, every Sunday in my local church, people get gather for fellowship from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. On Thursdays, we meet for the bible study in the church. I am also preparing some brothers, whom I hope the Lord will raise up to be lay-leaders. Now 3 Brahmin families are coming to the church. Please pray for them.

Obstacles in Ministry

The people of the village have threatened to expel Christians from the church and prevent them from coming into the church. Some other pastors try to mislead the people of our church. Please pray.

Remalesh T.