Spiritual Parenting Ion & Ai

HeartCry missionary John Tomeci and his wife, Ani, are involved in multiple ministries in Providence Church of Brasov. Of all they do to serve the faith family, spiritual parenting is their most effectual ministry. They are fondly looked upon as caring spiritual father and mother by the many young people and couples who attend the church. In this months report, John begins by sharing a few requests for prayer before he provides his ministry report.

Pray for unity in biblical truth. Real unity comes from the truth of the Word. I know that we have different views, but we must cultivate unity and Christian patience.

Pray for unity in the church as there are brothers and sisters that haven’t join our online Bible study for weeks.

Pray that the Lord would help us get back to our regular church services.

My parents are old and sick. Pray that the Lord would help them in their old age.

My sister who received the Gospel message some time ago. Please pray for her and for her youngest son who is very open to the Gospel.

Our children have finished the academic year. We pray that the Lord would protect them and help them graduate from college. Our son has two more years of college and our daughter just one. She is having thyroid issues and is on a special diet.

We had a child dedication service for three babies. The Ghic family welcomed their second child, the Sumer family welcomed their third child and the Fejer family their first baby. It was a special day as I realized once again that our children are precious to the Lord. There are many riches in this world, but children are a real treasure. I spoke about our responsibility to raise them in the fear of the Lord.

I would also like to share with you about my family. My sister and some of her family came to visit us. They also came to church. They are open to God’s Word. My sister started reading Christian literature and I see how the light in her life increased. Her youngest son is married and has a little boy. Although he is a police officer, but he is open to God’s Word. He was exposed to God’s Word as a child when he visited us. We took him to church with us and had an open heart. He is 30 years old, has serious questions about life and is aware of his sinfulness. My sister’s daughter – in – law’s father is a police officer and the son’s grandfather was also a police officer in a penitentiary. So this is a tradition in their family. During communism, the police officers had to be atheists and dedicated to the Communist Party. I am so glad for my sister, who has suffered so much in her marriage. She is my only sister and is three years older than I am. We always had a good relationship. When we turned to the Lord and my parents were against me, my sister understood and supported me. Now the Lord is searching her heart and she is ready to follow Him. Pray for us for wisdom, so that we would know how to help them. This is a great challenge in our times! May the Lord help these beloved families to raise their children with faithfulness!