Warmest Christian greetings from S state, Myanmar! I thank the Lord for His presence and blessings in my family and ministry. Also, I am heartily thankful to HeartCry and all supporters for your help and prayers for the works here. I personally thank you very much for your approval to support another pastor, J, in the W region. It is encouraging to learn how HC has been able to work more mightily in different and new ministries across the globe. May our God continue to bless HC and all partners for His glory and His kingdom!

In the past month, I continued to engage in teaching full-time and preaching regularly. Nowadays, to preach and to teach the Gospel truth is the greatest demand and the most challenging task as the country has open up and many foreign Christian missionaries (mostly false teachers) have been flowing in and confused churches with their teachings. However, many have heard the preaching of true Gospel message and truly blessed by the Word.

I have also been able to set aside a time for translation work. My family continues to enjoy the word of God in our family devotion time as well as in our fellowship with believers in Church meetings. I’ve just taken the responsibility to give protection, shelter and food etc… for an orphan girl who has fled from a situation where she would be abused or forced into military. Please pray for the Lord’s provision for her too. My wife and I are helping her to know the grace of God.

In addition, I was able to give some ministry advice and counseling to 3 evangelizing pastors I am co-working with. One evangelist shared the challenges and opportunities he was facing in his Gospel ministry among animists. I’ve found out that he needs much prayer and help in many ways. The needs are both physical and spiritual. For example, there are over 60 families in the animist village he is evangelizing and those families without sufficient water supply. He believed that if we could show our concern for their basic physical needs, it would be helpful to his Gospel preaching and church planting. Another pastor came for encouragement and advice from me as he was going through very hard time in his ministry. We talked and prayed together. Please remember to pray for the pastors and evangelists in the most difficult places. Churches are suffering from false teachings, the society from destructive drug influence and the true Christian workers are very few.

There was a situation in the W region, which is important both for our China outreach and for our church planting. I was to go there and arrange for the trip but delayed by that situation. Please pray that I would be able to do so in good time and that the plans for China would be executed as scheduled.

Again, thank you very much for your support to this project too! I believe that God is in control and all things will work out according to His sovereign plans. Finally, please pray for my health. As you know, I am on drugs for Chronic Hepatitis B that is developing to liver cirrhosis. I need to conduct regular medical check-up in Thailand. Please pray for my coming trip to the hospital for that and for the good result of the screening. Thank you very much.

In Christ, John T.