The recent training conference for pastors in South India was greatly blessed by the Lord. All of HeartCry’s training conferences are designed to help local indigenous pastors – specifically to further their understanding of Scripture, and for that understanding to have a massive impact on their lives as well as their preaching.

At the conference in South India, it was obvious that the Lord was helping to accomplish those very things just by watching and listening to the pastors who were in attendance.

Quotes from some of the men who attended the conference

I’ve seen Jesus Christ on the Cross in a way I have never seen before in this conference. It melted my heart. – Pastor Akkaiah

Because I attended this conference, the way I look at Scripture has changed. I now seek to find Christ in all of it. – Duke Benjamin (Student)

My daughters and I have actually recorded those messages on my mobile and we are still listening to those sermons. We were truly effected by the teaching in the conference.
– Pastor R. Balakrishna

I have seen many American Preachers but I have not seen men who taught from Scripture like this before. I am very thankful for Pastor Samuel for inviting me to the conference. – Pastor Samarpan

Pastors’ Training Conference Report,  by Samuel B.

The theme of the conference was Seeing Christ in God’s Word and Showing Christ to God’s People. Pastor Jim and Pastor Jordan labored on this theme for four days with local pastors. 

Pastor Jim gave us the overview of seeing Jesus Christ from eternity past to eternity future. And under this overarching theme, he spoke about seeing Jesus Christ from the writings of Moses; from the prophesies of major and minor prophets (particularly from the book of Isaiah); from the fulfilled prophecies in the life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ in the New Testament; and lastly from the book of Revelation as Christ would become our future hope, when He returns with the voice of the arch-angel and with the angelic host to execute judgement and to establish His future Kingdom as a King with His people.

Interspersed between Pastor Jim’s teachings, Pastor Jordan spoke to us about the Biblical calling and qualifications of an elder, mainly to connect the idea of ‘Showing Christ to God’s People’. On the final day, Pastor Jordan explained in great detail what the true Gospel is. Many pastors confessed that it was a spiritual feast to them. Some even admitted that they had not rightly understood the Gospel before, and that they had never heard such things.

Please pray that all the these men would have an increasing desire to know the truth, live the truth, and preach the truth. God has graciously left one outlet in the church to dispel the darkness and that is a pulpit that preaches the Gospel unashamedly without any compromise. Join me in prayer that the Lord will raise such pulpits (men) to bring His purposes to pass.