The month of August was designated for the local ministry. I have not travelled, as more things had to be done in Brasov. We made good progress with the construction of the HeartCry Center in Brasov. We reached the final stage for the resistance structure, and walls, and slowly move to insulations, and interiors. There are also lots of things on the plumbing system, the electrical, and the heating system. All seem to go well, although at times there is much challenge.

We have great opportunities in sharing the Gospel to many people involved in the construction process. For instance, one evening, we invited all the workers in a place where we share some good food with them and the Good News. Around fifteen men heard the Gospel, and were called to Christ. At the same time, we began to get to know their families by visiting their homes, where we shared with the members of their entire family.

Each time we sign a new contract, we take time to talk with different directors, or managers of the companies about salvation. We realized that through this project God opened many doors for the Gospel. We reach people that we would never meet in other contexts. These people are generally busy with their business, and would never stop on the street to talk to us.

Our church celebrated a few events. We had two weddings of some dear young people from our church. It was a huge blessing to participate in the wedding of these two couples that came to Christ since we started this new ministry in Brasov. They were students when we reached them, and now they all have jobs. Our church gets stronger with new families that walk with the Lord.

Another event was the blessing of a baby girl of one of our HeartCry missionaries. I travelled with my family to Bucharest to preach for this event. The Lord blessed the Word on this occasion, and the congregation received the preaching well.

We urge you to pray for our family. After receiving the great news that Trish was pregnant, we found out that the baby went to be with the Lord in the eighth week. The Lord prepared us ahead of time, and the emotional impact was not so hard. We experience a deep valey of sorrow, where we learn to worship God even in the midst of suffering.

We cherish your prayers for physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery.

May the Lord bless all of you, and we are greateful for your love, and support.

In Christ,

Sorin Prodan