September seemed to be a refreshing time for most of the HeartCry mission teams in Eastern Europe. It is the season when the fall semester starts, people are back from vacation, students are back in school, and life gets more stable.


The key event in Romania was the HeartCry outreach in Buzau county, where Brother Jipa Marian has planted a few churches. Ten HeartCry missionaries from Romania went to join him for two days of massive outreach in a few towns: Pitulicea, Mizil, and Urziceni. Hundreds of people heard the Gospel, but our men faced great opposition, particularly in Mizil where people are very religious but lost.

Florin Galateanu continues to minister in Nufaru and Mahmudia, but he is now focusing more on the town of Sulina, where we hope to see a new church plant. A major challenge is finding a place for meetings, as the town is very isolated (about 5 hours by boat through the Delta).

George and Danut are continuing to press on with the street evangelism ministry, family visits, and children groups. Danut and his wife Lidia do not have children, so they are about to start the adoption process. Pray for open doors!

Florin Stan and Marian Bicajan are further developing their street ministry in Fieni as they look for more open doors and ways of reaching the people. Marian continues to reach the town of Pietroshita where he met great opposition from the priests and the local authorities. However, people seem to be open, so pray that soon a group would be established there.

Nicu and his team from Pucioasa have started a Christian kindergarten in the church’s facility. This is going to be a great way of reaching new families. Costel Gheoanca is encouraged to see a core group of the church plant in Bucharest that was started about two years ago.


The Gypsy team had a two-day outreach in Tunari where four of the six HeartCry missionaries joined to help Toma Marian. Brother Toma is encouraged to see new people in his church, both from the evangelistic effort, as well as from believers that have moved to this new suburb of Bucharest.

Nae Marian shared how two men that used to attend church, but refused to repent, had heart attacks and went to the hospital. The Lord spared their lives and they returned to church, understanding these health issues to be a warning from the Lord. The ministry in Frumusani is growing, and they are now looking for a larger meeting place. Vale Marian had a major outreach in Petrechioia and Pantelimon, two new church plants in his area. They have begun the construction of a chapel in Pantelimon, now that there is a stable group of believers.

Moise Marin held a conference for Gypsy leaders on the topic of family, and also met all the Heart Cry Gypsy missionaries for an evaluation of their monthly ministry, and for the Training Program by Extension.

Campus Ministries

During the month of September the university students were still on their break, but for our four campus missionaries it was an intensive time of preparation. Ruxi reconnected with some of the students she had met through a ministry event, and had good evangelistic conversations. Continue to pray for Ruxi as she hasn’t felt well lately. Lore struggles too with her eye condition, but she is active in the team, just as in the church plant led by Costel Gheoanca. Alex has decided to come and help at Providence Church in Brasov. Bebe held a church plant conference in Romania, and some missionaries that are under his care were able to attend.


Anatol Dunas, and his team from Cahul, was happy to report the baptism of six people in September. One of the ladies that was baptized lost her ten-year-old daughter after she drowned in the river some time ago. That left a powerful scar in her heart, and she felt guilty for years. She is now trusting in God’s sovereign plan.

Gelu organized more youth meetings, where they had over 30 unsaved young people that were exposed to the Gospel.

Igor and the team in Anenii Noi is glad to help over 50 families with food supplies, and to have the opportunity to share the Gospel with them. Igor was asked to perform the funeral of two young girls (7 and 14), even though they were Eastern Orthodox. Their family did not call the priests, but pastor Igor, who preached the Gospel powerfully. The tragedy shook the whole community, as the two young girls died eating some vegetables right after the village was sprayed with pesticides.


The war continues in the East of Ukraine, as politicians have not yet come to a clear cut decision. Iliya Hlushcheak took a trip to the area of conflict to check on the condition of our fellow believers. He was shocked to see the depressing situation. Some pastors and believers have been killed by the separatists, the church buildings have become war offices, and the threat against genuine believers continues. Upon his return he called churches to pray, and help the Christian families and others with food supplies and clothes.

The Training Program by Extension continues now with the study of Walter Martin’s book on The Kingdom of the Cults. We find this book very helpful in regard some of the cults that we have in Romania.