Along with a team of four HeartCry missionaries, we travelled to Italy for an evangelistic tour among the Romanians that moved to Italy for work. There are large communities of Romanians in the major cities of Italy. More churches were established in these cities, and we are excited to see how the Gospel advances among the Italian people.

Emanuel Ivan is the pastor of the church in Florence, Italy. He moved to Romania as he wants to adopt a child, so he will go once in a while to help the church and assure a good transition to a new pastor. Since he was a key leader among the Romanian communities in Italy, he has a major influence in the Romanian churches from this country. We joined him in encouraging the churches and pastors in doing evangelism among the Romanians. Although the weather was not great, we met lots of Romanians on the streets and shared the Good News with them. We also reached many Italians and other people groups. Our tour reached five cities: Milano, Genova, Florence, Prato, and Rome. Everyday for a week we visited churches where we preached and reached people on the streets.

We were particularly blessed to meet a new church planter in the city of Genova, and encourage him in pressing on with the work he does. He is a man of great vision, and humble heart, and we anticipate a great work in this key city in Italy. We also assisted the difficulties some pastors face with the churches from diaspora. It was sad to meet the congregation from Rome that just went through a church split. The pain and consequences of the split was so visible. We encouraged the group that decided to act upon the principles of God’s Word to stay on the good ground.

All four of us preached the Word in each of the five congregations, and rejoiced with the people of God. We see how God used us in having a good impact on these congregations as we proclaimed the Word, and went out to share the Gospel with the lost. We think that once or twice a year a one week tour like this would give a significant help to these churches.

Providence Church Ministry

We celebrated the harvest on Oct 16. Each church in Romania celebrates the Harvest day, but each church will pick up a Sunday in the fall for that event. We loved to see the room full of fruits, vegetables, and other blessings of the land. The Lord is faithful in caring for us, in the way he provides.

I continued the preaching through the Gospel of Luke. My focuse was on the Sermon on the Mount. What a wonderful section in Luke! I love to expose the Word passage by passage! It helps me to grow, and provides a good spiritual diet to Christ’s church.

We also continued our street outreach, and the student ministry. Students started their university year on Oct 1. We had a few new studentes that showed up, and we pray that we will reach more of them on campus.

The HeartCry Ministry

A new family joined the HeartCry family in Romania. They moved to Brasov for a time of training and preparation to be sent on the mission field to plant churches. We pray that they will integrate well with our team and be ready after about one year to get into planting Biblical churches in Romania.

Our construction work of the HeartCry Conference Centre in Brasov reached the final stage of the main structure. We have the walls done, and we work now on the roof.  Pray for us to manage well this transition.

Thank you for your faithful support of our ministry.

In Christ,

The Prodans


Marian Vale

Marian Vale