At HeartCry, we recognize that God delights in using weak, inadequate men.  And while God shows Himself strong through the weakness of His servants, it is rare to find men who acknowledge from the heart their weakness.  With no intention of lauding our brother, Sorin Prodan is very conscious of his weakness and utter dependence on the Lord.  This month, he shares the following in his update:

“Our God is faithful in spite of our weaknesses. He continues to save people through men and women that represent nothing for this world, to show that what is impossible to man is possible to God.

Our ministry was focused on the local church, as the weather got cold, and travelling was not so easy. Street evangelism was hindered a bit with the rainy season, but we still went out. Life in a city is active, and sometimes the downtown is crowded in spite of low temperatures. We continue to motivate the church to go out, and the leaders have to show them how to reach the lost. As we take the initiative, more of our church members are encouraged to join us.

We targeted a new district of the city, where we attempt to plant a new church community. This district is a mixture of low and middle class people. The district is formed in two sections, one being brand new with fancy blocks and nice apartments. It is a bit more challenging to reach these people, but not impossible. So, please, pray for the Avangarten district. We have now a number of families living there, and wanted to reach the people of this district.

The church life is good. We invest in equipping the saints through prayer, preaching, and relationships. We noticed that we slowed down some with discipleship, and that is a signal for us to sit down, and reorganize the ministry of discipleship.

Our prayer meetings are very consistent. More and more people come to pray. We found that people are willing to come to pray whenever there are clear objectives. So, we combine the regular prayer meetings with spontaneous meetings. Once we met for three nights in a row to pray. Another time, we met for close to six hours to pray together.

Another focus is now on the social involvement of the church. I attempt to recover the reality of social ministry, set it in a correct relationship with evangelism, and motivate the saints to be merciful. This is my topic for my DMin dissertation, and the practical project will be in our church. I see a double blessing. On one side, I learn a lot as I study the topic, but on the other side members are invited to be active in this area of our call.

Another key area of our ministry was the construction of the Conference Centre. We finished the structure, and the walls, and our next step is to close the building with the windows and doors. We worked with a contrator who showed a lack of integrity. We decided to close the contract with him. It takes a lot of work to manage the construction site, and maintain all the activity in good order. We ask for your prayers for the next stage of doing the interiors.

Pray for our health that is not so good. The cool season brings lots of viruses. I got a cold, and after a week I still struggle with recovering.

We thank you for your support in helping us fulfill our calling.

From Eastern Europe,

Sorin Prodan”