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The Lord Jesus blessed 24 Christian families in three different areas in the beginning of this month with 1 ton of rice provided to us through HeartCry! Also, Teacher Kelly also blessed each of our families with some groceries like cooking oil, soy sauce, chili sauce, and fish sauce to help. We would have been in a bad place this month if the Lord Jesus didn’t help us. The drought because of no rain in the first part of our rainy season caused the lake’s water to go so low that almost all of the fish died. There were no fish in the nets for nearly 8 months! For us, this means virtually no food for our families. We have no idea how we would have made it this month, but the Lord Jesus knew. The rice he sent us through HeartCry gave all of us enough food to keep going.

Now, the rains have returned, the water levels are back to normal, but we still must wait for the fish to multiply and fill the lake again. This is a vast lake, the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, but many of us make our living in fishing, so there is a lot of fishing competition.

We have continued to meet and worship God in our village, and we had one new believer come to faith in Christ this month. It is not a lot, but so precious! We thank God for His faithfulness. Our God honestly does watch over His Word to perform it.

Thanks to all of you for remembering us in your prayers. The lake’s water has been up, deep enough for us to use our boat again; however, we cannot go fishing like before because the water just recently went up and the fish are still small. We are anticipating the right time when we can work fishing for a living again. 70% of the families who live on the lake in our fishing villages have moved to the land to find jobs instead of waiting for the water to rise and the fish to return as we do. We have been blessed by God immensely during this challenging time. We still can continue living, having church, and sharing with the needy around us. I cannot imagine what it would be without God blessing us through Heart Cry during these 7-8 months. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Our sister, Paula, is a faithful servant of God. She came to faith in Jesus Christ a little over one year ago. She does not have transportation, but she loves to share the Word of God. She wants to start a Bible study in her village with the women. Also, please pray that God will be with her and work in all the people she encounters. May God be with her.