Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the Name of Christ our Lord. Praise God for His grace and mercy among our people in Nepal. I am so thankful to the Lord for your partnership in the gospel, and your continued prayers for the work in Nepal. 

I praise the Lord for the RBS training sessions that we recently had. This class was on the doctrine of Soteriology, and the application of salvation. This was our third module with RBS. We had 14 men join this training. Brothe Doug and myself were the translators for Pastor Jim D. and John P. We focused on three main things during this week, the Covenant of Redemption, the history of salvation, and the order of salvation. Our main focus was on the history of salvation and order of salvation. We were able to see the proper order of salvation from the Scriptures: Effectual Calling/ Regeneration; Conversion/Faith and Repentance; Justification; Adoption; The Gift of the Holy Spirit; Sanctification; Communion with God; Assurance; Perseverance and Preservation; Glorification. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time, we were not able to cover fully examine the doctrines of perseverance and preservation.

This class was deeply encouraging, as we were able to gaze upon the glorious realities found only in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This teaching was very systematic in a proper order, which was very helpful for the Nepali mind to learn this subject. This class not only taught us the truth, but it also challenged us as pastors to preach the gospel more clearly to the people. The outlines to the lectures were translated into the Nepali language, and each session was recorded for future use. This will help our men to revisit this study again when needed.

Each day, in the morning, we had an exam. We had a total of five exams, which accounted for 75% of our grade. The other 25% of our grade was reading assignments.

We are so thankful for the Reformed Baptist Seminary board and HeartCry Missionary Society for allowing Pastor Jim and John to come and share these truths with us. It truly fed hungry souls.

I am confident that these trainings will have a great impact on the churches in Nepal, not only among this generation, but for future generations to follow. It is our desire to see these classes lead to the strengthening and establishing of Biblical churches in this country. Still, there is long race ahead, and we are continuously praying for the upcoming modules. 

Please pray for upcoming training in May. We are going to examine the doctrine of the Church. May His Spirit move us to a deeper understanding of the truth. May His church be edified for His glory. Please pray. Thank You!

In Him,