Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Warm greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from the land of Nepal. God in His grace, me and my family are doing well. My whole family has suffered a couple of weeks physically, but God gave us mercy and we are now healed. Our physical body goes up and down but His grace is sufficient for us. Let me share how God has used me the last couple of months for His Gospel work.

Silas Teaching

God has called me to teach and preach. I have been teaching and preaching three times regularly in a week. I was teaching at the Saturday weekly meeting in my local church from the Westminster Shorter Catechism. We have been studying this material since 2014- and have finally come to an end. Q/A 1 -38 explains what the Bibles teaches us to believe about God, man, and salvation. Q/A 39-107 summarizes the Bible’s teaching about how we are to obey God. This is very basic, but very important doctrine concerning our Christian walk in obedience. We desire to glorify and enjoy Him forever. The goal of this teaching was to know God personally, and to learn how to walk in holiness. This brings real worship and the aroma that pleases our heavenly Father. The bride of Christ was very much blessed and growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Now I have started preaching from the book of Romans, which is a very doctrinal book. The very heart of the gospel is found in this book. My sincere prayer; let not only the saints know the whole idea about this book, but may this series of preaching help them live how Christ wants them to live; as a holy, living sacrifice unto God. (Rom 12:1-2)

Also on Saturdays, I teach the youth. We are continuing to work through Paul Washer’s workbook,

“The One True God.”

Paul Washer

We have been learning from this book for more than one year. We have come across many attributes. A couple of weeks ago, we finished chapter 11: God is the Creator and Sustainer. It was wonderful to meditate on the truth that every breath we take comes from Him. Everything depends on Him. Now, we have started on chapter 12; God is Lord Over All. God is immeasurable and incomprehensible. This is very hard to understand with our limited mind, but being the children of God we ought to know God from His written Word as He has revealed Himself. Eternal life is to know the True God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent (John 17:3). The Lord has been working among the youth group, by the power of the Holy Spirit, through the teaching of the living and active word. May the Lord cause someone to be born again by the imperishable seed which is the Gospel (1 Peter 1:23).

I have already mentioned a new fellowship which began at Kapilvastu province (40 km west from Butwal). It has been meeting for nine months. I am thankful to the Lord that He has given me an opportunity to serve among these new needy souls as they desperately need healing. God has given them a hunger for the gospel, and He has been healing this small group of people by preaching and teaching. These days, I am teaching “Who is God?” May the Lord encounter them through His living and active word and may the work of the Holy Spirit mold them into becoming more like Jesus Christ. I am thankful to the Lord for this opportunity. I am encouraged by His people. The more we know Him, the more we can serve Him biblically.

Apart from this, I am also able to do personal evangelism. God has given me an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a group of Hindu people who have been living in the middle of the Jungle. They have a Hindu temple and many go there to pray and get a blessing from the Hindu god. When they inquired about us, I told them that we believe in the One True God and we are Christian. Then the Hindu Guru (Pandit) started telling us about the Hindu god, and his works-based salvation. I was able to share with them who God is, who man is, who Christ is, and how they should respond to this information. I proclaimed God is the Creator, Perfect in Holiness, Righteousness, Justice, Love, and Kindness. I told them about man’s deepest problem (Bondage of Sin) and the bad news. I spoke about Christ being man’s only hope, as He was a perfect lamb, perfect sacrifice, and the Mediator between God and men. Then I commanded them to repent and believe in the Gospel. If you repent and believe you will be forgiven, you will be in heaven forever. If you don’t repent and believe in the gospel, there is a judgment of God and an eternal punishment; hell. When I was proclaiming these things the Hindu group of people were listening very seriously. My sincere prayer, may the Lord cause someone to be born again as His Word is preached.

The Lord has also given me a burden to minister among our elders. As I am concerned about how our men can grow biblically, I realized our men are in need of more training. Another way that our elders can be helped is by solid biblical materials. Nepal is one of the poorest theological countries. The larger group of evangelical churches are preaching very weak and false gospel (the health and wealth gospel). We need more solid materials, which will help us to equip men for His gospel work. Recently, we have received a solid book

“Living by the Book”

by William D. Hendricks & Howard G. Hendricks in Nepali version. This book is about hermeneutics- so it has encouraged us to study His Word better. Our elders are blessed by this book and continue reading it. We have also received a Bible dictionary and concordance, which is very helpful tools. We are looking forward to having a series books from 9Marks in Nepali as well. “Expositional Preaching” should be available soon. This book will be a blessing to us. There needs to be more Reformed Publications here in Nepal. I encourage you fellow brethren; please pray that God supplies every need for the advancement of His kingdom.

This coming week, myself and brother Doug are going to have a training conference on how to prepare expository sermons. We will sit and spend more time together. We will give them basic biblical principles to interpret, and also helpful suggestions on sermon delivery. We plan on have a workshop. Please pray for us that we can help our men be blessed and equipped.

We appreciate your prayers, funding, and making available solid books available, as we minister together with one mind and one heart; for the good of His people, for advancement of His kingdom, and for the glory of God alone.

In Him,