Praise the Lord in the name of Christ. Me and my family members, we all are fine by God’s grace. My ministry is going good. In the month of April, I preached in two new villages. In both the villages, three families accepted the gospel.

Every week I am visiting them and get the privilege to share the message from the Bible. Few days before in my ministry field I shared the message among the local people, one of the family members of Mr. Pala, has shown interest to know more about Christ.

In the month of April, I have been meditating on God’s word from I and II Corinthians. Along with that, I also studied a book about how to Shepherd God’s people.

Prayer request: For our ministry field, so that more people can get to know about Christ and accept him as their personal saviour.

For me and my family members to spiritual growth.

For my son Aman, may God protect, guide, and lead him on the right path. I praise God he has completed his 9th class.

I am very thankful to you for your help and support.

Silas M.