Arturo Marin Preaching

It seems that God is working in the heart of a woman I’ve known for a long time named Bety. She is the assistant to the catholic priest in the district of San Rafael, along with a man named Eddy, who recently died as a result of complications because of COVID. Together, they organized the Masses, saints festivals, baptisms, wedding ceremonies, requiems, etc. She is a very hardworking and generous woman, and she believes that because of her charity, she will go to heaven when she dies. That had always been her conviction. I had shared the gospel with her more than once, but she said that she was catholic and she thought she was fine. 

Just recently, I received a call and when I answered I heard the broken voice of Bety’s son. He said, “Brother Arturo, please pray for my mother. She is dying. The have her on oxygen but it would take a miracle to save her.” They had diagnosed her with bronchopneumonia and COVID-19. I called together my wife and my sons, and we prayed for her, first of all for her salvation and also for her recovery. We continued to pray for several days. 

I received another call and I heard Bety’s voice very low and weak. She said, “Brother Marin, thank you for your prayers. I believe I have been born again. I think God is giving me another opportunity.” She is now in her house and she is very broken. We are talking with her and sharing the scriptures with her whenever she feels strong enough for a phone call. Now, we must wait and look for genuine fruits of God’s grace and true repentance in her life. I ask you to pray that God would continue working in her heart and that she would leave her idols and follow Christ.