Eduardo Aricari And Brad White

In June my wife and I began counseling a young woman. She has been very hurt with a recent separation from her husband who mistreated her and walked a bad path. I’m thankful to the Lord that we had the opportunity to reflect together on the first chapter of 1 Peter.

By God’s mercy, through this passage, the young woman was able to come to a better understanding of the situation in her own life and has begun to profess faith in Christ. At the same time, she found comfort in the Word of the Lord, and until now she continues to find peace in Christ in the midst of her suffering. Having given her life to Christ, she has come to know the joy that is inexpressible. We trust that the Lord will continue guiding her and restoring her. 

I ask you to pray that the Lord would keep opening more doors to share His gospel and that His Name would be glorified.