It is my greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. In His grace we all good and I hope that you all are fine there too.

In the grace of God the weekly services and cottage meetings are going well. I am visiting them and guiding them in God’s words. I am continuing to contact people with whom I have shared the gospel. This month, while I was going to visit one of our believers, I met with a group who were collecting fund for their religion (Hindu). They asked me for money to help them. I gave them a gospel tract instead. I shared the good news that we don’t get salvation by doing religious things but only by believing in Jesus Christ. Because we all are sinner and what we do are not worthy, only Christ can wash us and give salvation. Those who believe in Him will not go to hell but have eternal life. There were ten people and nine of them rejected what I told them, but one of them said that he heard very new things. He asked me to meet again and share more about God. Thanks to God for this and pray God will open his heart toward His words and he may come to saving faith.

I had contact with Mr. H. I shared the good news and gave him a gospel tract. After this I visited him again to him. When he met me he told me that he read gospel tract. He told me that after reading, he is unwilling to attend the church. He told me that he couldn’t do this because he feels scared with the society. I told him that we should not fear those who kill our body but we need to have fear of God who has authority in heaven and hell. If we believe in Christ we will have eternal life but if we follow men we have eternal death. After this he told me that he has a habit of drinking, smoking. He is afraid for this too. I told him that to believe in Christ and trust on Him and ask God to overcome from such a habit. I prayed for him and encouraged him to come to the Lord. It is my prayer to God for him and the Lord bring him in His house.

Once again thanks to God for His grace and guidance to me to do His mission. Also thanks to HeartCry for your great support, prayer for me and my family. God may bless you all.

Prayer Requests: Sincerely, Dal