I reported previously that my uncle and aunt came to visit us from mountain. They stayed for 3 months with us. That was the time they heard the gospel and attending the church. After 3 months they went to their place. While reaching there my aunt was seriously sick and was in I.C.U. We got the message of this. So my wife and I went to visit them in mountain. In the grace of God she became better. I prayed for her and shared the gospel to her and told her to trust in Christ. I told them that Christ is the only way of life and those who believe in Him will be in Christ for eternity. It was also my privilege to share the gospel to my sister (uncle’s daughter). She is a Buddhist. In the grace of God both of them are going to church where they live. Thanks to God for his wonderful work in their lives. Not just that they may go to church but also may accept Christ as their Savior in their life.

My wife and I went to visit two sisters, Manisha and Dena. It was the first time they came to church. I was not able to communicate with them fully. So we went to visit in their house. I asked them what they understood about the message on Saturday at the church? Manisha, the elder sister, told that she didn’t understand anything and Dena the younger sister told that she understand a little bit. So I shared the gospel to them again. I told the work of Christ and the forgiveness of our sin is from Him. Those who believe in Him will have eternal life (John 3:16). They were very happy by hearing the gospel. Let God guide through His Holy Spirit.

Thanks to God for making contact with these new people and also thanks to Him for His guidance in my life. Thanks for your continue prayers and supports.

Sincerely, Tul B.