Brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,

Praise be to God, who has enabled me and my wife S___________ (along with both our children) to serve the Lord here in the northern part of India. We are thankful and amazed that He is using us for the advancement of His kingdom.

Let me share with you an amazing story that took place in our church. There was a madman who lived in our town. This man’s life was miserable. He was not only mad, but also homeless. He lived on the roads and would beg for food and water from those who passed by. His clothes were always dirty. But the Lord has shown him compassion. A believing brother was moved to bring him to the worship service one Sunday. We prayed for him, and by God’s grace, this man was fully restored. Currently, he has a job and earns a good living. He confesses his faith in Jesus Christ and comes to our fellowship. This miracle has caused his parents, sisters, and brothers to take notice. Please pray for the man’s family, that they would also come to know the Great Physician of the soul.

Pray for our efforts among the needy. We often teach the neighborhood children who can’t afford tuition for the school. This encourages the parents and provides for an opportunity to speak of God’s glory in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our plan is to do a Vacation Bible Camp for the children this year during the holiday month of July. We are also planning to do a Youth camp for the young people. Please pray that these children hear the truth about God, the Bible, and salvation. We pray that seeing the love of Christ will cause their hearts to drop the things that so easily entangle this generation.

Other needs we request prayer for include: A_________, who is mute. B_________, who has weak legs, and is no longer able to walk. U________, who for six months now, has been suffering from a swelling in her body.

Please pray for K__________. He is a newcomer to our fellowship and has shown much interest in spiritual things. He is currently reading some gospel tracts and the New Testament.

We are conducting our church services in a rented house. This has caused some problems with our neighbor, and even the owner of the house. They often turn the TV on during our services, which makes it difficult to minister.

Please remember this. Lastly, please pray for our family. That God would keep our children safe when they go to school, and help us continue to minister faithfully to the people.

Thank you for praying for us,

Seth S.