Greetings to you in Christ’s Name!

Testimony of healing: There’s a boy, who is 15 years old. His name is Niraj. He passed and became unconscious because of a headache and restlessness. The boy’s family thought he has become sick like this because of an evil spirit. So, the family called us, we prayed for the healing. Praise the Lord, he was restored back to health. The result was that the family listened to God’s Word from us attentively. The healing and the Word brought joy to the family, praise God.

We also met one more family; this family has a widow and her son Jiwan, who has heart problem. Kindly pray for his healing. We have been sharing the Word in this family and asking God to bless this family spiritually and physically.

My son Anugraha is just 5 years old, even through him; we found a contact, which loves the Lord. It’s a Christian family, that was looking for fellowship, but didn’t know anyone, but one day, my son was asked in the school about his father’s profession, he told that “my father is a pastor” so Anugraha’s school teacher was introduced to us that way. This family was so happy to meet our group, that they sponsored our Easter program’s lunch for the whole group. We have started house prayer meeting in this family. Praise God!

Please pray for Lala, his wife is missing. They have two little children.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Seth S.