Dear Prayer Partners,

Praise be to God for using me and my family for His kingdom. I’m happy to serve God and His people in various villages. Both of my children are healthy and going to school.We praise the Lord for His kindness.

Please pray for a lady who is visiting our church. She was previously very sick, and used to shiver because of fear. She went to many faith healers, but didn’t get any result. Her family spend a lot of money on her health. A sister in our fellowship brought her to our prayer meeting. We prayed for her healing. Since then she has been free and enjoying our fellowship. She comes to the prayer meetings regularly.

Please pray for her, so that she may continue in the teachings and the faith in Jesus. Two new families joined our worship services in this month. Praise God for their fellowship with us. Please pray that God will bless both of these families with his grace, so that they may continue to be grow in the Lord.

We are also in a season of difficulties: Please pray for Mrs Anita as she feels depressed and is battling jaundice. We are also ministring to people with typhoid fever, cancer, those injuried in an auto accident, an upcoming back surgery, and one who is experiencing a property problem. Please pray for my health as well, as some time I have chest pain.

Thank you so much,

Seth S.