Zomba Students

In our previous updates from Malawi, we explained the remarkable work the Lord is doing among university students, and we introduced you to Maya, the man Mala’s church is preparing to send to the university city of Zomba. Here is Maya’s first update after settling his family into life and ministry in Antioch Baptist Church, Blantyre, Malawi.

We moved to Blantyre from Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi, on October 30, 2020. We were excited and fearful at the same time, as we were not sure what our lives would look like in this new city. We praise God that Antioch Baptist Church has become our family, and the members of this church have shown us love from the day we got here. 

For the first two months we were settling down and also being oriented to the ministry dynamics of Antioch Baptist Church (ABC). Pastor Mala and Masa, and their wives, have been very helpful to my wife and I as far as ministry goes. They have helped us to transition smoothly and we are now at a point where we feel at home. 

Mayas Family

I thank the Lord that we can be part of what He is doing in the city of Blantyre and Zomba through ABC. While our eyes are set on the city of Zomba, there are ministry opportunities that we have been entrusted with here in Blantyre as a way of practicing what we’ll be doing in Zomba. 

Currently, here is how I have been serving at our Church: 

  • Observing and conducting membership classes 
  • Helping to lead our sharpening groups 
  • Preaching back to back with Pastor Mala and Masa 
  • Following up on visitors 
  • Attending elders’ meetings 
  • Following up on the Zomba student Bible study 
  • Participating in our monthly evangelistic booktables 
  • Leading our discipleship program in Zomba 

This is not everything but it provides a big picture of how we have been involved this far. 

Despite the pain and misery that Covid-19 has caused, ABC has used it as an opportunity to minister by praying, counseling, and encouraging those who are in isolation. The church has put together packages of booklets and we have been dropping these packages at the gates of those who are in isolation to help them use their time well and also strengthen their faith through the reading of these materials. A lot of people we have reached out to so far are recovering and are very encouraged that, even though we are not their local church, we have been available to pray with them. Our hope is to keep in touch with these people and continue to pray and encourage them.

For the past few months I have been driving to Zomba every Saturday to meet with the college students for our discipleship program (photo above). We have been going through the book “Knowing the Living God” by Paul Washer. The passion and zeal in these students so far is encouraging and our hope is to see them mature in their love for God and His word.

Thank you so much for your prayers for Malawi!