Praise God for the four new believers that were recently baptized in Shalom Baptist Church in Chiclayo, Peru! Pray for each of them to continue growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus, and pray for pastor Segundo as He continues to pastor the church in Chiclayo. Below are brief testimonies of God’s grace in their lives:

“I attended church from the time I was a young girl. After all the years I had spent in church, my life remained the same—there was never any change. About eight years ago I began attending Shalom Baptist Church, but it wasn’t until just two years ago that I really began to understand the gospel and how a person is saved from their sin. I began to experience conviction for my sin and God began to work in my life. Now I want to be with the brothers and sisters in the church, learning from the Scriptures.”

“Because of an illness, I was confined to my house for an extended period of time. During that time I cried out to God and when I was able, I decided to begin attending a church, which happened to be Shalom Baptist Church. As I began listening to the gospel that was preached, I realized the reality of my spiritual condition and I turned to the Lord in faith. After I became a believer, I knew that I needed to be baptized, but I knew that my family would not like it. Several of my family members were already upset because I was no longer attending the Catholic meetings, but when they found out that I was going to be baptized, it got even worse and my family refused to attend my baptism.”

“I have always gone to church, even when I was a child. I remember that I was baptized at some point in my childhood, but I didn’t understand what it meant or what salvation was. As time passed and I became an adult, I began to realize that my life was entirely empty. God began to touch my heart and show me my great need for Him. As I heard teaching on the gospel and understood what it was that Christ did for us, I believed.”

“I started going to church when I was a teenager. I did all the programs that the church had to offer, like camps and other youth activities. But I never really took God seriously or had any fruit of someone who knows Him.  After attending Shalom Baptist Church for a few years, it was about six months ago that the Lord began to show me my need for salvation. I started to pay more attention to the sermons and the passages from the Bible and came to understand what the gospel was really about. My life has been changed.”