Dear Supportive brethren, I would like to say thank you very much for your unceasing support through the years. By God’s grace we are moving onward and upward. We want to say that your labor is truly not in vain the Lord. May God help you to be a channel of blessing to the whole world. There are uncountable blessings in our ministry. But I want to specify a certain blessing.

Our members are growing in the Lord and we are very glad to see that. Though ourquantity may be small be the quality is big. Thank you for your prayer. Also, as we have been praying for a small piano for worship the Lord has given us using a certain church member. They donated for the church to use. Praise the Lord!

Preaching is a great opportunity to reach people with the word of God. It’s only by God’s grace that I could preached thirty times during May-July. In every preaching effort I center on the Gospel. We have 20-25 attendances in every Sunday worship service. Our official members would 18. This month the Lord added a family of five to our church. Truly it is an answer to our prayer. We have been asking the Lord for five more souls and now he did answer.

Two times a week I conducted Bible study. I have seen that it is very effective. I personally share the gospel (Personal evangelism) to five people. I pray that they will eventually become God’s children.

Prayer requests:

  1. Every Friday my wife leads woman prayers meeting but now a day she is not feeling well. Please pray for my wife’s health
  2. We have had Sunday school with eight children almost every week, but because of problems inside the family we cannot teach them anymore. Please pray for our Sunday school ministry that the heart of people may be more open.
  3. Our vision for this year, five more souls to come to know the Lord. And this coming December we hope that our house church to be able to conduct “Salvation campaign.” Please pray that God will make it happen
  4. I and my wife are wanting and praying to have a heritage (children) from the Lord. Please pray for us.

Sincerely, Davamoe Lyan