Dear friends and supporters,

I thank God that two persons have been converted through the ministry of the church and have been baptized recently in Vietnam. Even though they are poor people, now they are people in the great family of God.

In the past month of missionary work our church went out to preach the word of God in our area, and we rejoice that people have heard and believed in Jesus as their Savior. My wife and the brothers and sisters in the Church met and witnessed to Ms. Nguyen. She listened to the gospel and visited the church on the following Sunday. After the service ended she informed us that she heard about the good news previously, but this time she understood the love of God and the love of the church.

The following week she returned to the meeting, and she received Jesus as Savior of her life, even though her husband and mother-in-law disagreed with her. She also asked to learn more about baptism, and we began to share the meaning of baptism with her. After learning the biblical truth of baptism, she followed the Lord publicly by submitting to the ordinance. Also, I thank God that Mrs. Bieu also recently trusted Christ and she too decided to be baptized.

May God have mercy on them and may God let me take the word of God to teach and encourage them to faithfully worship God on Sunday.

We thank the Lord, and we thank HeartCry and all the Lord’s servants for
praying for my spouse and the Church. Thank God for us to serve God with HeartCry because it is a privilege and blessing for the Church and us.

Chi G.