Greetings from Southeast Asia! I hope this finds everyone doing well. The Lord is so good to us and He’s given us the wonderful privilege to be His fellow workers in advancing Christ’s kingdom throughout the world (1 Corinthians 3:9).

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit HeartCry’s partners in Cambodia. We’ve been working with Shalom Mission to Cambodia, now, for more than five years. It’s a great blessing to see the slow and consistent way in which the Lord is at work through them, although like anyone in ministry they do at times face discouragement. They are men, though, who desire very much to be used by God and make an impact on a nation that in many ways is filled with hopelessness and despair. Cambodia bears social scars that are still visible even to someone like me who only visits from time to time.

Atrocities took place 30-35 years ago that are yet to be accounted for and dealt with in a way that would ease the nation’s conscience. Many in Cambodia as Buddhists continue to search for solace in a religion which proclaims that everything – whether good or bad – is just an illusion. Others have bought the lies of materialism, the West’s mantra of peace. But, hope in Christ leads us to confront the sin in our lives and the world knowing that the Gospel alone transforms the ruins and rubble of a fallen creation.

For three days we met together, studying the topic “union with Christ.” It was a great opportunity to look at some of the most basic Gospel truths and blessings and see how all these are true about those who are in Christ. Together we studied that oneness with Christ is the reality that binds together all the elements of salvation. Jesus is not just a Savior outside of us, but He is within us and we are in Him, and it is this union with the living Savior which has brought salvation.

The time with the men was also a great opportunity to dialogue about life and ministry. I feel like I learned a lot from these conversations. They had many questions related to the topic being discussed, as well as questions about ministry in general. It was encouraging for me to also see how they interacted with one another and helped each other to think more biblical. Please pray for these men as they labor in Cambodia. Pray that God would help them depend completely upon the power of the Word and Spirit to advance His kingdom.

There is a lot that I could share about the ministry in my part of Southeast Asia, but I would ask prayer for three things. First, pray for my co-workers and me as we seek to reach out to those from the unbelieving religious majority. There are many Christian things happening in my country – many good things – but there is very little which crosses the religious and cultural barriers that have existed for hundreds of years between Christians and Muslims. Ask that the Holy Spirit would open wide an effectual door for us to penetrate with the light of God’s truth through the veil of Islam which lies firmly around these people’s hearts.

Secondly, my wife is pregnant again with our fourth child and she’s been very sick since we returned in February. She’s not only had sickness related to the pregnancy, but has also had an infection for the last two months. Ask that God would heal her. Thirdly, next Tuesday I leave for another island for a week. Once we arrive there, we’ll be traveling for about twelve hours to reach our destination where another brother and I will be meeting with approximately ten pastors. Ask that God would give us safe travel as well as influence in these men’s lives as we meet together and study the Scriptures.