Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is my joy and privilege to share the blessed conference held on Feb 22-24. It was wonderful teaching by Brother Abrams. When Brother Abrams came for the first time in Nepal he started teaching from The Life, Doctrine & Church. He reminded us again and again from the word of God how important is the life of the preacher. He focused that the preacher must be born again by the spirit of God (True Conversion) from John 3:4-5.

This month, Brother Abrams shared that preacher needs: to grow in the holiness of God and be filled by the Spirit of God, to serve the Lord for the glory of God and with a right motives that flows from the Love of Christ in the fear of God, and for the salvation of men and growth of the church. This was followed by the power and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Thirty men and women with our ministry were challenged and encouraged. It is good to be reminded by the preacher over and over from the word of God. God has given us a big responsibility to shepherd His flock with a good example (1 Cor 4:16; Phil 4:9). The churches in Nepal are very shallow, leaders are weak in doctrine, and are bad examples; all which are very painful. Many sheep are astray from the bad examples of leaders and their false gospel.

However, we have a great challenge and burden for the flock of God to lead them according the word of God and from our example. Our main burden and desire is to bring glory and honor to Christ by establishing biblical churches in Nepal. We are very hankful to the Lord for the privilege of partnering with HearCry and laboring together for His kingdom. We hope the Lord will advance His kingdom through the biblical preaching of the word of God and the good example of the leaders in Nepal. It is our sincere prayer in the Lord that God will raise more biblical churches in coming generations. We look forward for your ministry of prayer, encouragement, and support.

Thank You! In Him, Sarvajit