Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I wish you a Merry Christmas. I apologize for a late update of our Gospel Outreach in November to the North (near the Himalayas). What a joy we have in Christ Jesus to Share the Good News.

Our Journey: The 4th of November, we started our journey, reach Pokhara at 8pm. It was a long drive on bending roads, so we were exhausted. After a good night sleep, we started our journey again to our destiny Ghandruk. We started our journey at 9:00 am from Pokhara and reached Nayapool at 1:00pm. We stopped our car to hire a mountain Jeep to go to Dhamle. We reached Dhamle at 3pm, and from there we started our walk (because there is no road to reach Ghandruk). It was a one hour walk with our back pack to reach Ghandruk. 

Ghandurk is a place where most of the Buddhist and Animist live. The majority of people are tribal. On the 6th, right after breakfast, we brothers started visiting- house to house and door to door. Most of the people we spoke to have never heard the gospel. We were also able to distribute more than 400 gospel tracts and a few bibles. Some people rejected us when we began sharing the gospel with them, but overall, most people received the gospel tracts and listened.

On the 7th, we started our evangelism more to the North of Ghandruk. We were able to distribute 450 gospel tracts and some bibles. This day the Lord help us to share Jesus Christ with many people. I was able to meet my ancestral grandfather. It was awesome to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to an old grandfather. We once again did house to house evangelism, returning back to our room late evening. We were exhausted physically, but our souls rejoiced in the Lord as we were able the Truth.

After breakfast, we visited an old grandfather’s home. A year ago, he said that he came to know the Lord. It was a good time for us to spent time together with this old man- encouraging him in the Lord and sharing deeper truths with him. It was obvious that he had been influenced by the health and wealth prosperity gospel- so we took advantage of this opportunity to share a sound biblical gospel. We spent a couple of hours with this old grandfather at his home. May the Lord lead this old man to the a greater knowledge of Him.

We then made our way back to Pokhara, where God gave us the privilege to distribute additional gospel tracts. The next day, we started our journey back home, reaching home at 5:00 pm. We prayed together, thanking God for His mercies in this trip. We prayed for the needy souls to whom we shared the gospel. We praised God for this opportunity. These days we are in contact with that older grandfather as he is seeking to know the truth. I have given this grandfather a couple of books to help him: Church Elders and Fifty Reasons Why Jesus came to Die (Nepali version). May the Lord help this Grandfather with these materials. Please pray for those needy souls of Nepal near the Himalayas. 

We are thankful to the Lord that He has given us more opportunity to share the gospel in our community this Christmas season. Our interns and church family are taking this opportunity to reach out house-to-house and door-to-door. We are sharing the Good news of Jesus Christ and distributing gospel tracts. According to the political situation and the current Hindu power in office, evangelism is restricted in these days. But the Lord gave us strength, boldness, and courage to share. In the mean time, we are being wise and very friendly, lovingly those souls whom we are sharing the Gospel with. We are pressing on with compassionate hearts to the needy souls of Nepal. We pray God may show His mercy and grace to the souls to whom we minister. Pray that the Lord opens their hearts and minds- and brings many souls to Christ. Please pray for the evangelist work going on here in Nepal. 

Your Prayers and support has made a very valuable impact in the life of Nepalese souls and being as a means of evangelism. Thank you all for joining in this mission field with prayers and supports. All glory to God alone! 

In Him,