Please pray earnestly for HeartCry evangelist Sari Saat. We were at her place yesterday and she has gone back into the hospital (she was just there two weeks ago). She now weighs 29 kilograms, which is nothing. She had an ulcer and for a long time didn’t eat very much, so her body was not getting the nutrients it needed; she’s had a lung infection for a long time now. From what I could tell, it may be tuberculosis. Her immune system was able to fight it off, though, for a long time with the medication she was taking, but after being malnourished over months, it has no longer been able to do so.

A couple weeks ago, when she was in the hospital, we drove see her. We prayed for her and tried to encourage her. There were also several other believers who had been there to see her, sharing the scriptures with her, and praying with her. Sari and Elis both, at that time, had the opportunity to share over several days with Sari’s roommate and her husband (both of whom were Muslims). It seems that the Lord has saved them both as a result. Also, others were there – Sari’s sister and two other ladies, along with the nurses at the hospital – and they all were amazed at the outpouring of love that Sari received from fellow believers. One of the ladies, whose husband just had operation, remarked about the distinct difference between Christians and Muslims. It seems the Lord may be using Sari’s suffering in order to do a greater work. Pray that God would open these people’s eyes and let them see the light of the Gospel of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

I also had the chance to talk with Sari’s father yesterday. What a difference God has made in him! When Sari first came to faith in Christ, he was planning to poison her in order to save the reputation of the family; Sari, on finding out, fled for her life. The first time I met him six years ago, he would just sit in his chair on the porch and look at you. But now, he just talks about the grace of God, and yesterday he knelt down with all of us and we prayed together. Sari had said before that it seems that God has saved him, but I had never seen the fruit of it before yesterday. I was very encouraged! It seems that the flood walls are beginning to crack in this location; please ask everyone to pray that God would pour out his Spirit upon these people!