In the grace of God the weekly church services and the cottage meetings are going well. In this month Mrs. Gomati came to attend the cottage meeting with one of our sisters. I shared the good news with her after having the cottage meeting. I shared about man’s original sin. Mrs. Gomati said that she was not a sinner, but she became a sinner after killing her husband. She told me that she killed her husband because every day he used to abuse her physically, emotionally, and mentally. Sometime he used to pick up the knife and tried to kill her and her son. She finally lost her mind and killed her husband and was put in jail. After 20 years in the jail, she was freed. Because of this problem she couldn’t stay in her village and therefore she came to our place. I told her about sin and her need to believe in Christ. She was continuing to come to the fellowship but her son and daughter in-law decided not to allow her to attend. She talked her son and to her daughter in-law, and I also visited them. Now her son is allowing her to attend the fellowship. She told me that she wants to believe in Christ to get forgiveness. I encouraged her from God’s word, trying to help her to grow in God’s knowledge. May God bring her to Him and may she grow in the Lord.

I visited Mr. Ram Pratav. He told me that he is studying other religious books to know Christ. I told him that we need to read the Bible to know Christ, because only the Bible tells about Christ, and only His written word is sufficient. It is very difficult for him to understand God’s Word. It is my prayer that God may help him to understand His words and that he may believe in Him.

In this month I got opportunity to attend the classes. Brother Silas and brother Doug taught on hermeneutics. It is very difficult go through this method, but I am praying that God may help me to follow this method to prepare biblical sermons. May God led me to do His work.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Mrs. Gomati and her family members. May God bring all of them to His saving faith. Please pray for Mr. Pratav that he may understand the Word of God that I shared from the Scriptures.


Sannu K.