In God’s grace, the weekly church services and cottage meetings are going well. As, I had mentioned about Mrs. Gaumati, she is attending the church services and the cottage meetings. I also visited her son. He told me that he has no objection to his mother becoming a Christian. I shared with him about Christ and His work for our salvation. He showed some interest in what I said, but till today, he has not attended the church services. His wife also denied to be Christian and stopped her children to attending any services. God may work in their heart to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. Mrs. Gaumati is attending the service and also happy in the Lord. She told me that she will follow Christ till her last breath. God may strengthen her faith in Christ.

I visited Mr. Sabu. He came from India. Sabu was baptized when he was an infant. But still he has not joined in Lord Supper because of his careless life. He smokes and drinks. He is not responsible to his family. Not only that, but he also has misunderstanding about the Trinity by mixing the philosophy of Hinduism. I shared about, and made it clear about Trinity. He said he understood but was not ready to leave his lifestyle. God may change his heart and help him to overcome from sins.

I thank God for His grace and His guidance in the ministry. Thank you for helping us extend His kingdom together. God may bless you!

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Mrs. Gaumati for her faith in Christ and also for the salvation of her son, daughter in-law, and her grandchildren. Pray for Mr. Sabu and for his salvation in Christ. Please pray for my life and family and the ministry which God has given to me.


Sannu K.