A Baptism Observed

I would like to share with you an update about how the Lord is working in our midst. We rejoice in the Lord that His Holy Spirit convicts and converts people (1 Cor 2:10) and that the Gospel is sufficient to bring sinners to repentance (Rom 1:16).

Suneetha, a young woman in our church, was baptized on February 1st upon professing that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Lord of her life. Last year she came to our Children Home for help. Although she has both a mother and father, we let her stay at the Children Home because she could not shuttle between her school in V___________ and her village some distance away. We rejoice in the Lord that He has opened her heart just like He opened Lydia’s heart in the book of Acts. Who can do the heart-surgery but the Great Physician Himself?! Here is her testimony in her own words:

I am a terrible sinner. No one, except the Lord, can forgive the kind of sins I’ve committed. I thank the Lord Jesus that He died for such a terrible sinner like me. I feel so happy that my sins are cleansed in His blood. I need Him every hour of my life. When I told my parents that I was going to be baptized, they tried to discourage me. But I told them that when I consider the kind of punishment the Lord Jesus went through, I am not worthy to disregard His clear teaching on baptism.

Oh, how our hearts were warmed on that Lord’s day when we heard Suneetha’s testimony! Please pray for her.

A Baptism Hindered

Please pray for a young man named Dil, who has been attending the church for the last two years. He has  heard the Gospel many times and shows great evidence of being saved. He was supposed to be baptized on the same day as Suneetha (mentioned above), but his family prevented him from taking baptism. When he expressed his desire to be baptized and to join the church as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, they were displeased and began to put a lot of pressure on him.

To this day he has been struggling within and without, although he never misses coming to the service on Sunday mornings nor for the prayer meetings on Wednesday evenings. Could you lift him up before the Throne of Grace, that God Almighty will have mercy on him and give him the courage to take up his cross and follow Him and Him alone? Please pray that this will be an opportunity for his whole family to witness true Christianity.

Other Who Are Seeking

Please pray for the following people who are showing tremendous interest in listening to the Gospel, that they may submit their lives to the Lord: Mrs Achamma, Naik, and Bindu.

Lastly, please pray for me and my family, that we will continue to serve Christ and His people with love and humility.

In His Grace,