Greetings in Christ’s Name!

Dear brothers and sisters, I wanted to give you a quick update on some exciting things that are happening within the church. As a church, we have already finished our studies in 1 John, and we are now on the verge of finishing our studies in 2 John. On Wednesday nights, we have been studying the book of Philemon. These studies have been a great encouragment for the church.

We also have four candidates that have applied for baptism. They have been attending the church for more than a year, and now desire to make their profession of faith public. Please pray that the Lord’s Name may be glorified on the 13th of December as we baptize these believers. Please pray that the Lord will help us overcome any problems that may arise from family members or the community from this. As always, please continue to pray for the Lord to raise up another elder and a deacon to carry burden along with me in the ministry.

Saturday evangelism has been going good. Brother John, Duke, Ramesh, and I are going into the streets to distribute tracts and engage in conversations. We have made a few contacts over the past few months. Please pray that they may not only attend the church, but also be converted by hearing the Gospel. We have recently published a new gospel tract in Telugu that we are excited about.

Please pray for a brother from New Zealand who will be staying with us for more than a month. He is a medical doctor who has recently graduated from the University of Auckland. Pray for safety during his travels, and that his time with us will be very refrshing, as he seeks to help us out with our Medical Ministry.

We will also be having a Pastor’s conference on December 9-11, 2015. A dear friend of mine from New Haven, Connecticut will be visiting and teaching us. The topics that will be covered in this conference are: The Church and evangelism (theology, and practice), a case study from Church history (looking at the missionary William Carey), how to prepare sermons, and how to prepare evangelistic sermons. Please pray that this conference would be a great blessing to all the pastors who will be attending it.

We now have 18 children living with us at the Sara Ross Children’s Home. This is the biggest number we have ever had. They are doing well in their studies. It is indeed a great oppurtunity to share the love of Christ to these little ones. Please pray for these children that they may come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Thank you all for your prayerful and practical support. May the Lord bless you and make His face shine upon you.

Sandeep K.