Dear friends, 

We thank God for the many things He is doing among us here in Kenya: 

  1. The baptisms of Sam (a new member) and Grace (Pastor Paul Onyango’s daughter) have given excitement to the church, and we continue to pray that the two will grow in faith. Sam’s wife Jacqueline is not frequent in coming to church on Sundays, and my wife Melly and other ladies in the church have been encouraging her to consider this as they share the Gospel with her. Please pray for Jacqueline.
  2. We continue to talk to people about Christ through giving out gospel tracts both at the Millimani church plant (which is now holding a morning service under Pastor Paul’s care) and here at Grace Baptist in Kisumu. Feedback has been good, at least in receiving the tracts, but very few have responded to our Sunday church service invitations. However, the Lord has brought quite a number of new people to church, and we will soon hold a welcome party for them in which the Gospel will be presented again to their hearing. We expect up to thirty people. Please pray that the Gospel would take root in these people’s hearts. Continue to pray also for both Grace Baptist Church and the Millimani church plant.
  3. On June 2-5, Pastor Naphtally Ogallo and I conducted lectures for our students at The Kisumu Reformed School of Theology. Eight students attended. The discussion times were quite helpful and encouraging. Naphtally taught on the Doctrine of the Church, and I spoke on the Doctrine of the Last Days. Pray that the students will be faithful and that these lectures would prove to be a long-lasting help in their ministries and personal relationships with God.
  4. Plans are under way to revive the Maseno University ministry that has been on a lull for a while now due to transportation logistics. We pray that this will be sorted out soon. The need for ministry at the Maseno campus is still vast. Please pray that we would be able to resume our ministry to this needy university and that our efforts would produce fruit unto salvation.
  5. Our family is doing well. Recently, we have opened our home to a young brother, Boniface Ochieng, who is keen to be in full-time ministry after his university education. Bonny’s parents and siblings found his choice of career unacceptable to them, as they expected him to get a “better” job and help alleviate the family financial burden. Life became unbearable for him at his home, so we offered him refuge in ours. Bonny, who has blended well in the family, is always encouraging and supportive both in church and our home. He has provided us with sweet fellowship and has been a great help to our church body, both in preaching occasionally and in serving as our “IT expert.” Please pray that Bonny would continue to grow in the grace of our Lord. Pray that God would fulfill both his spiritual and his physical needs.

Thank you for your prayers, brothers!

With love in Christ,
Sam Oluoch