“For I have derived much joy and comfort from your love, my brother, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you.” 

Philemon 1:7

Grace and peace to all the brothers and sisters in Christ at HeartCry. Thanks be to God for His unchanging grace that continues to bless and sustain your ministry. Praise God for His infinite love that always blesses us. We are grateful to be given good health, to continue enjoying God’s grace, and to fellowship with our families and friends, as well. Our Tuesday prayer fellowship is truly one source of blessing for us where we can build one another up through praise, worship, the Word of God, sweet fellowship, testimonies, and learn to persevere and bless others, tribes, and nations through our prayers.

This month I have prepared several short devotionals and a collection of Christian songs to help a radio ministry in NS for one of the tribes where we’ve ministered before. Please pray that through these devotionals and Christian songs, the living Word of God will be sown and bring the true knowledge of our precious Lord Jesus Christ.

Riri still helps with the youth fellowship. This month they come to the fourth lesson in a series about different guarantees that God gives in the Bible; the fourth was about the guarantee of the forgiveness of sin. Praise be to God for His faithful work! This month one of the youth in the fellowship received Jesus. She comes from a family that’s not harmonious, lacks affection, and it has led to her having ungodly relationships with guys. Please pray for God to continue to work in growing and strengthening her faith in order for her to truly feel the unconditional love of the Father.

We also greatly praise the Lord for every experience that continues to mature our faith. Salim’s mother had a stroke in early July. This situation has been quite difficult for us, draining our energy and our emotions. But from this situation we have learned a lot about seeking, waiting, and hoping for Good as it is written in Romans 15:13, 

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” 

Romans 15:13

It was no coincidence that Riri was in the process of memorizing that verse a few weeks ago and a sister in Christ sent the same verse even though she did not know what we were going through at that moment. The enduring word of God is indeed the source of our strength. May God also use this situation so that Salim’s parents keep rejoicing and hoping to God.

We are also very grateful for the prayer support from all of our friends. Our hearts were also encouraged with the visit of our brothers and sisters from the Korean church in California. Praise the Lord for all the things that God has done in their lives and the opportunity to fellowship together again. We all had a wonderful time and a chance to visit the B tribe once again. We met again with the same man who was our guide on our first visit. This time he seemed more relaxed and open. He also invited his son who is about sixteen years old to accompany us. We had the opportunity to talk about their beliefs and what Christians believe. We pray that God will continue to open the way for His name to be known among this tribe. Please pray for L and his wife S, our main contacts. They are having marital problems and are still working to fix their marriage. Pray that the Lord grants them wisdom and strength.

At the end of August we will go to another island to record the New Testament in one of the island’s many tribal languages. Please pray for our partners there and the participants so that we are able to work together on this recording so that it can be used as a means for outreach and discipleship. We also cannot wait to meet some of our brothers and sisters there that we have known before. We do hope and pray that the Lord will use this time also to encourage and strengthen each other’s faith.

May the peace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit continue to strengthen the ministry of the Lord through our brothers and sisters in HeartCry Missionary Society. Amen.