Photo by Mitch Lensink

The power of the gospel: freedom in chains This last Saturday was a special Saturday for me. It has been etched into my heart for life. I was awed by the power of the gospel. I witnessed how five inmates at the prison in Leon were baptized within the same walls that alienate them from their freedom. Five prisoners who have been made free in Christ, while being in chains. Five criminals whose life was radically transformed because of the exclusive person and work of Jesus Christ. Five people who went under the waters of baptism while other prisoners observed them from the sidelines.

I witnessed a woman, who in her sin had sought revenge by setting a house on fire with two people inside of it, profess repentance and faith in Jesus. She, who formerly took two human lives, now has been taken captive by the love of Christ. I heard a man who was raised in a Christian home, claim how God put him in jail to open his eyes to the power of the gospel. A man who is eternally grateful to God for placing him where he could not escape from His irresistible grace.

What can do such a thing? What can turn a criminal into a disciple of Jesus? A rebel into a son of God? Only the power of the gospel. The same gospel that later I was able to preach to the inmates for almost an hour during a worship service in jail. What a privilege to proclaim to these prisoners that whatever their crime was, whatever evil they have committed, the blood of Christ has the power to grant them forgiveness and set them free!

Not even the impenetrable walls of prison can stop the powerful advance of the gospel. I praise and thank God for allowing me to be an eyewitness of this specific display of His grace. If criminals in jail can be saved, Spaniards who live in freedom, but are equally enslaved to sin, can also be saved. We ought to preach Christ crucified to a dying nation, because it is the power of God for salvation.

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