Rogelio “Cuba” Acea was rescued from a life of drugs on the streets of Peru, and was brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. His life is a wonderful testimony to the saving power of the gospel, rescuing us from our enmity with God and changing our hearts to make us followers of Jesus Christ. Below is a brief testimony of the Lord’s work in his life:

I’m one of the Cubans that came to Peru in 1980, when we fled for refuge from the Cuban regime. Those of us that were tired of that regime in Cuba invaded the Peruvian embassy in La Habana, where we stayed for a period of 59 days. Finally, in July, we were taken to Peru.

I come from La Habana, and from the time I was a child I followed the beliefs of the Abakúa, which is a religion with African origins. In this religion women are not allowed to participate, and a person can only remain as a member if they pass the test of “manliness” over the course of a few years, which was carried out in a very hostile environment. I continued in that religion until I was just one level away from actually becoming an Abakúa.

But even in that context I didn’t experience the degree of moral danger and destruction, both physical and spiritual, that I would later experience when drugs became part of my life here in Peru. My addiction to drugs degraded my life to such a degree that I was literally dying, and yet I wanted more.

But one blessed day, while I was sprawled out on the sidewalk near the place where I consumed drugs, complaining about the unbearable pain that I felt in my stomach, I heard the voice of someone saying, “How long are you going to live like this?”

As I sat up, I saw a man that I didn’t recognize, and I assumed that he had gotten confused and thought I was someone he knew. I responded, “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be dead soon.” In reality, this man actually had been confused and had mistaken me for someone else. He apologized for the mistake, but afterwards he told me that I was not well, and that he knew someone that could heal me and change me, just as he had changed him.

I thought he was talking about a doctor or a witch, but he said that the person he was talking about was the Lord Jesus Christ. I didn’t believe in God, or in anything of the like, and in that moment I thought this man was just one of those idiots that walked the streets talking about God. I figured I would pretend to pay attention long enough to take advantage of the opportunity to ask him for money, which I could use to go eat a little and then buy more drugs.

But as he continued talking to me, he was telling me things that I wanted so badly to happen in my life. He told me that only God had the power to change me, and that He would forgive me and save me through faith in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

When he finished talking, I was convinced of my need for the work of Christ in my life, and that very day he offered to take me to a Christian rehabilitation center. From that moment on, the Lord performed a miracle in my life, using as His instrument the pastor that worked at the center, as well as pastor Paul Washer, who at that time was helping out in the center. They both were used by God in my life.

In 1991 I was baptized in the church by pastor Paul Washer, and from that date until today I have been serving the Lord where He has led me. My family and I are so thankful for the work that He has done in our lives, and I thank Him for truly setting me free in Christ.


Gospel Kindness

Gospel Kindness