Brothers and sisters, I rejoice greatly in the opportunity the Lord has given me through the invitation extended to me to help with a Christian rehabilitation center nearby. I am ministering to men who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and since I was rescued by the Lord from that same kind of lifestyle, the Lord is using my testimony to help these men see the power of God in the transformation He has brought about in my life.

The center is named “Casa Hogar Nueva Vida en Cristo” (New Life in Christ Home). The brother that is in charge asked me if I could help with the work and I happily agreed, since I have experience working with people immersed in these types of problems in other rehabilitation centers and prisons. Another reason for my decision to help with this ministry is because I never want to say “no” when I sense that it is the Lord calling me to serve Him. Wherever He might call me to serve, I want to be diligent to respond in obedience. I am sure that this has been a calling from the Lord to serve in this home for drug addicts, and my answer was, “Amen, Lord.”

In addition to my teaching and preaching in our church, my wife and I continue to regularly visit the hospital to share the Gospel with the patients and their families. As a result of our visits, we are seeing an interest in some of the people we have spoken with, because they are seeing that we are not giving up on visiting them and exhorting them in the Word. My wife and I are very encouraged and eager to continue in this hospital ministry.