I give thanks to God for what He is doing in the life of the people that He has graciously used me to minister to. There is one young man in particular that I am discipling that the Lord placed in my path. He has had a very difficult life and was highly involved in crime, but, as the Lord makes no distinctions with regard to who He saves, He touched this man’s heart and His grace began to manifest itself in his life.

Nonetheless, he was met with a stumbling block in a church he began to attend where he was viewed as the same man he used to be rather than a new creature in Christ. He felt marginalized by those who treated him according to what they previously knew about him. This caused a lot of confusion for him with regard to what he had believed and it was in the midst of those circumstances that a sister presented him to me.

As I listened to his testimony, I understood even more the reality that when we were enemies of God, He loved us so much that He gave His Son to die in order to save us. I was reminded that because He has already done so much for us, He will also now care for us and guide us as those who are His children. I showed this young man that as Christians we should understand the truth that we are new creatures that are loved by God. Those who fail to understand this have a wrong understanding of Christianity.