Greeting to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, we all are fine and I hope that you all are fine there. I thank God for HeartCry that they are teaching us time to time the truths of the Scripture, which is reforming our church by the right understanding of biblical teaching and preaching. Instead of pleasing men, I am seeking to please God and glorify Him. This true teaching is leading me to be sensible in the ministry which God has given to me and holiness in my life. For these all, I want to give thanks to God for His truth and guiding by His Holy Spirit. Glory to be God!

If we want to live our life godly and want to serve God, we need solid doctrines. It is very important to understand His Scripture. God gave me more desire to learn His Word and I am eagerly learning His Words, which I am receiving in training from HeartCry and RCN. As I had mentioned in my previous report about expository preaching from Doug and Silas, I am working heard to learn according to this method. It takes more time to prepare the sermon.

Now I am preaching from 2 Peter in Saturday services. I encouraged them to abide in Christ and those who abide in Christ will grow in their life and be set apart from worldly thinking. This is one of the marks of true believers. I told them that those who delight in His word will grow in a godly life; therefore I encouraged them to meditate on God’s words.

From last month, we are learning specific topics in our youth fellowship after the church service. We had a youth fellowship before, but had no particular studies. Now by God’s grace, I am teaching them how to study the Bible. I am teaching that, how to understand the word of God within its context by asking how, whom, why, where, when, and what to the text. This subject is very helpful to the youths to study the Scripture, and even to myself. It is my prayer that God may give wisdom to the youths, so that they may grow in their understanding and holy character.

Once again thanks to God for suppling all the needs for my life and family and also thanks to HeartCry for your great support and sound teaching. God may bless you.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for the youth that they may grow in the Lord day by day. Please pray for me that God may give me wisdom to learn His word more and more and may do effective ministry.


Rodney P.