Without the Gospel of Jesus Christ there is no hope. The proclamation of the Gospel is sparse here in New Brunswick as well as the rest of the country. I ask for your prayers that God would give grace and boldness to His children to proclaim the Gospel here; and that God would raise up many laborers for the harvest specifically in New Brunswick and throughout Canada. 

This past month has been both encouraging and challenging along with some trials. It is interesting to note that as Peter preached at Pentecost and Paul preached at Athens, they were both met with differing responses – some mocked and some followed. It was the same for me this month. I shared the Gospel with some people who came under real conviction of their sins and concern for their souls. There were others though that responded in anger and even slander. This made me wonder if I had said something wrong, but as I looked back on those conversations I realized that I had shared the Gospel no differently with the ones who were convicted than the ones who rejected.

The truth is there will always be different responses, some will mock and some will follow. At times I struggle with discouragement as I encounter people who mock the Gospel. Please pray for me as I respond to and process these types of encounters. 

In the past month I’ve preached at Miramichi Valley Church, led prayer meetings in Blackville, gone out on visitations, and evangelized the lost. Pray for Blackville, there has been an unbelievable amount of suicides and sudden deaths in that area within the last few years. Even though Blackville is less than a thirty minute drive away, it is a harder place to reach. There is a lot of self-righteousness, which blinds many people’s eyes to the Gospel. Please pray that God would wake them up and that they would turn to Christ and be saved!

Thank you for your financial support and your continued prayers. My wife and I are very grateful to be supported by you.