Spiritual Life 

God is working in me a lot and it seems that the more God is at work in me, the more I realize how small I am and how little I know. In this past month, God has really burdened me for reaching the younger generation. While working with the youth and seeing what they’re exposed to and getting involved in at such a young age, my heart has been grieved so much. If something does not change in my country and the Lord tarries it will be in a hopeless state. We’re in such a desperate need and nothing can reverse it unless God comes down. 

What is the need of my country? I think of what Leonard Ravenhill once said: that the worst thing a country can lose is not its military power or its strong economy and prosperity but rather the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the worst thing a country can lose and that is exactly what has been lost in my county. Please pray that God would have mercy upon this land.


During this past month, as I’ve been working on the native reservation, I have had opportunities to witness to some of the aboriginals. Please keep Leonard and Corey (Corey no longer works with me) in your prayers for their conversion. For Leonard, that he would see his own sin for how sinful it really is before a Holy God; and for Corey, that he would also be convicted of sin and turn to Christ for salvation.

A couple of weeks ago as I was on my way back home from work I drove by and saw Corey at his house washing his car and as I passed by immediately this thought came to me, ‘God’s Providence’. Then I quickly hit the brakes and turned around to visit him so that I could share the Gospel with him. We had a good conversation about fishing, and then I told him that I was praying for him and I shared the Gospel with him again. I believe he was touched by that visit. Please pray for his conversion!

On Fridays I continue leading a meeting for youth as an outreach to the lost in the community. I’ve been teaching them everything that Jesus and His disciples claimed Him to be. Every message I’ve been aiming to exalt Jesus for who He is according to the Scriptures and I’ve been praying for conversions. Not only have I been reaching out to them when I preach a message but I also make it my intention to engage them in personal conversation one on one to witness to them. Many have become convinced that they are sinners deserving hell and many who thought they were saved because of a prayer are now convicted that they are lost. Pray that God would break their hearts and that they would call upon the name of the Lord and be saved!