Thank you very much for your support,

Things in ministry and family are very good. We have some exciting news about our family: my daughters will be having another sibling! My wife will be having another baby sometime in February- so praise the Lord for that. We are very excited. My wife and I have been growing a lot in our love for one another and our walk with the Lord. Every morning before I start the day, we set apart some time to read the Word together and pray. Both of us are very thankful for your constant prayers and support.

In the last few weeks, I have been focusing my prayers and evangelist efforts more in Blackville, Renous, RedBank, and Miramichi. In those areas, especially Blackville and Renous, they have been hit hard with a number of unusual sudden deaths, so much so, that even the mayor has called the community to pray. This seems to be an incentive for the church to tarry in prayer. I have found that the time of prayer on Tuesdays in Blackville has really been growing in seriousness and earnestness. Last Tuesday, the time of prayer went twice as long as normal.  Everyone was calling out to God to save souls, and to bring an awakening to the province. Pray for Blackville and Renous- that God would save souls and advance His Kingdom there.

I feel like the Lord has given me a measure of success in witnessing in Miramichi and Redbank this past month. There was one young man (Luke) that I witnessed to on the street in Miramichi that became visible broken as I was sharing the Gospel with him. He is not from a Christian background, and he has lived a hard life. After talking to him about the Gospel, he said that he is going to consider what I told him. Pray that God would save him!

Another answer to prayer, is that the Lord has opened the door for me to go full time in ministry! I’ll be serving at Doaktown Church with Dave Storey. My focus will be on evangelizing the towns from Blackville to Miramichi. Pray that God will give us success and that we will be able to establish a church somewhere in that location. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

Thank you once again,

Rob Greenwood