Bill Issa in Kampala recently sent the following enthusiastic news:
“Something very special has happened to us in Uganda! The Lord has remembered us as well! I am writing this with a heart full of joy and gratitude to the Lord for having moved our country leaders to lift the ban on church gatherings in Uganda. Churches in our country were authorized to resume their worship meetings by observing the “Standard Operating Procedures”, among them: 1) No more than 70 people in any particular building, 2) Washing hands, 3) Wearing face masks, 4) Usage of temperature gun/thermometer, 5) No hymn books, 6) No children’s Sunday School, 7) No overnight prayer meetings, 8) Observing social distancing, etc. 

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Reconciliation Baptist Church meeting again for the first time in 6 months

I believe we have learnt a good lesson…we will never again take the fellowship of the brethren for granted! It’s one of the gifts from the Lord. The Lord’s gift to me was to look at people’s faces as we finally gathered again! Wow, everyone was very happy! Truly, “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let’s go into the house of the Lord.’” I wonder how heaven will be! O, come quickly, Lord Jesus!” 

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Shane Williamson in South Africa also sent exciting news of gathering again:
“We had just started streaming an online ‘service’ but only had one of those as we transitioned back to gathering in person, but outside. Since the space outside is notably bigger than that which is indoors, it made for a great atmosphere, for which we’re thankful. Outside meetings present more opportunities for more people to gather, as well as being a safer manner in which to meet. We were, however, rained out and forced to move inside just last week, but we will certainly be praying for good weather so as to continue meeting outside. Several elements are coming together nicely, such as the music team, as well as the preaching schedule for the coming weeks. Join us in praying that the Lord would continue to keep us safe and to ultimately bring this pandemic to an end. 

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Renewal Fellowship meeting outside

Since our new website has been up, we’ve had a number of individuals contacting us wanting to meet—one even seeking baptism! So this is encouraging. For now our gatherings are only every other week, but starting in November they will be weekly. I think this will certainly help with building momentum and providing a faithful, public witness. Pray for us as we seek to be welcoming to newcomers. Pray that those who are seeking us would come to know Christ if they do not yet know him, or if they are already His, pray for their spiritual growth and that Renewal Fellowship would be an ideal place for that growth.”

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Gospel Fervency

Gospel Fervency