February Mission Report

I praise God for giving me an opportunity to serve Him and may God bless those who are praying for the people of Dawei, Taninthary Division faithfully. And I want to share the goodness of God in my life during this month (February) and what we have experienced in the ministry of God. From this month we could not have worship service at “San Hlan” village anymore as we usually have before, because the people left their houses and went to another place. Even though we couldn’t have worship service anymore at “San Hlan” village God prepared a new place to have worship service in a village called “Tha Pyae” every Sunday. God has been blessing us to glorify His name in this month. This year 2016, as we had planned to share the gospel to all the people of “Long Lung” township, even the villages. We have been sharing the gospel and distributing with the tracts to around one-third of the people who live in “Long lung” township.

Thanks to your prayer support. Please continue praying for us. We have fasting prayer once a week, and from Monday to Thursday, we have house-to-house visit to preach about the salvation as we usually have.

His servant, Peter Mang